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Staying inspired during this time

I often wished for more time... time to catch up on reading, to walk in the woods, to enjoy my kids, to do more yoga, to talk to my parents, to think... and to learn. I have now been given that gift of time. I know at some point we will all get back to busy.. running errands, working full time, driving the kids to activities, busy doing... So at this time I offer you the gift of using your time wisely to reflect, learn, grow and discover what you want next out of your future.

What I am listening to:

Changeability Podcast Kathryn Bryant and Julian Kilman

Coaching for Leaders by Dave Stachowiak

What I am Learning

Whole Being Institute

Tecnológico de Monterrey Negotiation Skills and Effective Communication via edX, Starts 12th May, 2020 Tecnológico de Monterrey Leadership and organizational behavior via edX, Starts 9th Jun, 2020 Tecnológico de Monterrey Effective Communication for Today's Leader via edX, Starts 21st Apr, 2020 ACCA Upwork Managing Remote Teams with Upwork via Udacity, Starts Self paced Leadership focused on Human Flourishing via edX, Starts 21st Apr, 2020 Tecnológico de Monterrey Resilience Skills in a Time of Uncertainty via Coursera, Starts 4th May, 2020 Automation Anywhere

How I am staying Mindful

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